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A high proportion of these go to clubs several times per week not only to enjoy the company of their friends, but also in the hope of finding customers for sex, preferably farang (foreigners) who are always expected to have money.

This is not a Lao or Buddhist tradition; birthday parties and celebrations used to be looked down upon by the monks.Lao TV is much more conservative, but Vientiane is within range of Thai television.In this part of Asia at least, it's not uncommon for a self-perceived normal heterosexual male to have fun and even sex with someone who appears to be (or wants to be seen and treated as) 'female', whether born that way or not. two basically 'normal' males having sex also exists in Asian society, but as long A survey of the sexual behaviour of men in Vientiane reveals that a significant percentage of Lao males (heterosexual in their own eyes) experience sex with other men, usually gays or katoey, for fun or for money, and more likely after drinking a lot of alcohol.It's very easy to make friends in Lao or elsewhere in Asia. After cosmetic enhancement and the final step of sexual or gender reassignment surgery, they can live as women (although not recognised as such officially by Lao or Thai authorities).Some trans-sexuals find husbands or permanent partners and live in Europe, where this is more generally acceptable.

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